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Writer's Block: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Ah, Sunday, the day of rest. What's your favorite way to spend a Sunday morning?
my fav way is to make a god breakfast and to set back and watch old school cartoons for a while, then fing something to go out to wit my baby or bymyself either way ill relax

life hurt's

well from the last time i wrote my dad was in the hospital and he wasn't doing to well. well on dec 3 2007, i had to put him to rest which killed me. It has been a year of his death and let me tell you if you have a dad or mom still alive and if your still good with them try to make time for them, because if you don't you will regret it, i did. be anyway life been worst for me. but the only good thing is that i have my baby who is still wit me. after 3 1/2 yrs which i am thankful for so much. penguin i love you always and forever untill death does me apart from you.

hey waz up

hey waz up my com broke got newone and moved in to my new place

Exhausted, but....happy

Im working a shit load and my dads in the hospital. He had a heart attack...I hope hes all right
I gotta go see him. I love him and I hope I get the chance to see him.....to see him before he passes....

On a slightly happier family note,

My nice is doing well

and my soon-to-be wife is doing well.

You guys have a great time and a great Valentines day with the ones you love. If you dont have a partner, go out and kick it with friends. Hit me back with some news.


Gotta get up in 3.5 hrs...fuckin hate work.

back in tha HOOD!

Waz up wit you. Im here wit my boy TANK, back in tha hood chillin. It feels good to be back in tha hood. aint been here in a minute.
Waddup yal its ya boy DA TANK! Keepin it real wit my motha fuckin Homie SCOOBY. much luv to tha penguin. FORKS UP! C-TOWN

Holla Back at ur boy

Scooby, and Da Tank
My Homie

Wet grimlinz my local band
forever we stick together thru all this pain and this pressure no matter tha situation we gone get thru it no one can measure we almost got lost in stormy weather but birds of similar feather migrate together.
Hey How have you guys been?

Anything interesting happen?

Im going to Philly again! A friend of T and I is getting married. Im pretty
excited to be back on a plane and out of stl.

Ive been working a lot, but bare with me because I will try to update more.

Miss talking to you guys

Peace out
Scoob (aka Scoopy)


hey waz up? life's been good. i live wit t and im working at a ice cream parlor called ben and jerry's. ive got some new clothes and im going to college in a couple of months. sorry i havent posted in a while, ive been working too much. i have missed all of you guys so much and miss talking to you. If anybody has pics or anything about penguins please send it to me. i love penguins a whole lot! they are my favorite animals in the world. well got to go i will keep in touch more often, so write back!
sorry i havent been able to get to a computer in a while
my roommates are being dick(s)

and my comps broke. (waiting for T to bring me the new one)

Life is going good. T and I are doing good.


talk to you soon,


have you

Have you ever wanted to care, to love, honor, crave your partner. To do anything for them, even everything for them. But when it goes wrong and things get frustrating, how do you handle you anger and frustration, when things dont go as planed.
hey whats up?

Today was a cool day. T and I went to our hang out spot and met up with
a friend who ended up getting us free pizza from her man's work. (a pizza place
called IMOS.)

we also got some expensive ice cream for real cheap.

I love T. She is updating for me via phone and that is why
things are punctuated and spelled correctly (at least sort of - T).

I got a new place and its fun fixing it up. I love it because
its spacey and it smells like my incence.

k the end for real this time.
peace out,